About us

Cars Jeans

Cars Jeans has been a national and international household name in the fashion industry since 1982.

Cars Jeans is a jeans brand that has grown with its customers and offers collections for the entire family. We are genuine ‘denim makers’ and design fashionable and trendy items, but without losing sight of or compromising our heritage.

Apart from the regular jeans collections, Cars Jeans also has a wide range of outerwear, tops, bottoms and accessories for men, women and children. These items can be combined endlessly with jeans, creating a simple yet complete look. Cars Jeans is known for its perfect fit, strong basics and unique artworks and is truly a ‘family brand that gives you a complete look’.

Collection characteristics:

With great passion and an eye for detail, we develop a range of collections, including two permanent collections.

Every season, we launch flash collections and add new models to the regular jeans collections.

Cars Jeans collections can best be described as follows:

  • Wide selection for the entire family
  • Honest price to quality ratio
  • Rugged products with an authentic character and solid workmanship
  • Excellent fit, unique artworks and strong basics


The Cars Jeans mission is to ‘be yourself in the jeans your wear’. JUST BE YOUR DENIM SELF! Cars Jeans aims to offer a wide selection within its versatile collections to ensure there is something for the entire family. We also offer an honest price to quality ratio, so that our customers can purchase from us more often. As a ‘family brand’, Cars Jeans focuses on people with a down-to-earth mentality, who enjoy clothing with a fashionable twist and items with an active/energetic look & feel. The Cars Jeans mission is to ‘be yourself in the jeans you wear’.
Cars Jeans has grown to be a national and international fashion brand and is available worldwide in ten countries through 1,200 sales outlets. For more information on where to buy Cars Jeans near you, have a look at our Store Finder. ”